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TGI is a world leading Chicago based agency. Founded in 1997, TGI specializes in the design, production, installation and management of signage solutions for the sports and entertainment industry. We provide static, rotational and LED perimeter signage systems, large-format graphics, stadium pageantry and way finding signage. Our products and services are tailored for events of all sizes. From small, one-day events in a single location to large-scale, multi-day, multi-venue events, TGI provides the same commitment to service for all our clients.

TGI has accumulated its LED knowledge in the course of extensive product and provider research, consulting clients, providing LED to football teams and broadcast events, and managing LED for large scale international events. TGI is not only concerned with an LED system’s physical performance, but more importantly how well the developed content performs both visually in the stadium and the television broadcast.

With headquarters in Chicago, the company has provided signage solutions, staffing, and project management for numerous events on six (6) continents, and in more than thirty countries around the world. 

TGI provides a unique value opportunity for its customers. By offering a total portfolio of services – perimeter systems, site surveys, brand management, graphic design, multi-media production, motion graphics, still and digital video photography, logistics management, installation & removal – the company can tailor its offering to each individual customer. With few companies offering the same scope of services, TGI is at a competitive advantage for clients wishing to have one vendor handling an entire project.

TGI will continue to be a global leader in the sports event signage and multi-media business. Leading with service, the company prides itself on constantly developing new and unique ideas to better convey an event’s visual identity and brand experience, especially as it relates to the in-venue look and the on-television exposure.

TGI Milestones

TGI Milestones


  • TGI incorporated (AdTrac™ patented)


  • First MLS field perimeter signage contract


  • TGI produces décor and branding for FIFA Women’s World Cup 1999 | USA


  • TGI awarded FIFA Signage Contract (1st of 3 consecutive 4-year agreements)
  • TGI fulfills perimeter signage, branding and décor programme for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2003 | USA


  • TGI awarded iSe Hospitality contract / branding and décor throughout seven FIFA World Cup 2006 | Germany venue cities


  • TGI renews with FIFA/Signage medium switches from static to “moving signage”
  • TGI implements rotational signage for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2008 | China


  • TGI conducts FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 | South Africa with LED perimeter signage


  • TGI executes FIFA World Cup 2010 | South Africa with LED Signage


  • TGI creates PadTrac™ for American Football perimeter signage system
  • TGI forms TGI Media to service LED and animation services
  • TGI launches 10mm LED perimeter system


  • TGI Europe GmbH formed to service European growing marketplace
  • TGI Europe signs 3-year LED perimeter signage agreement with UEFA for UEFA Champions League, Super Cup and Europe League Final
  • TGI creates Shoc-Trac™ LED perimeter “knock down” system exclusively for CFL (Canadian Football League)
  • TGI places 5 LED perimeter systems in CFL to stage ad revenue growth for CFL Teams


  • TGI partners with Manchester United to supply advanced perimeter LED system in Old Trafford Stadium


Managing Director, TGI-Europe
  • 30+ years experience in event management, operations, and sports marketing
  • Managing Director / Project Manager of over 100 + major events
  • Developed and managed the external build outs for all nine venues for 1994 FIFA World Cup USA
  • Managed the branding external build out for the Hospitality Village in Berlin for World Cup Germany 2006
  • Developed and managed the successful execution of the rotational perimeter systems for FWWC 2007 in China
  • Developed and managed the successful execution of the LED perimeter systems for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa


President, TGI
  • 20+ years experience in event management, operations, and sports marketing
  • Supervises TGI’s international business
  • Founded TGI Systems in 1997
  • Commercial Director for US Soccer
  • Pioneered Digital printing to the perimeter signage business
  • Assistant to the Chairman in various operational capacities at the 1994 FIFA World Cup USA
  • Developed and managed the branding external build out for seven of the Hospitality Villages for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany
  • Instrumental in securing FIFA’s perimeter signage business between 2003-2014


Chief Financial Officer, TGI


Vice-President, Soccer Business Development, TGI


Vice President, Business Development, TGI


Vice-President, Account Management, TGI
  • 15+ years experience in sports & event management & operations
  • Project manager & responsible for events in over 28 countries (5 Continents) over the past 10 years
  • Directly supervised and managed all TGI involvement with International Clients
  • Strengths in leadership, teamwork driven philosophy, budget management, quality control and professionalism
  • Global Ambassador of TGI’s mission of high level service and quality


Vice-President, LED Sales, TGI

The TGI Family


Art + Animation Design

Director, Animation
Sales + New Products

Creative Director
Content Manager

Graphic Artist
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics
Graphic Artist


TGI's European Division
  • Designs, develops and produces innovative cutting edge LED technology
  • Provides venue consulting to the biggest organizations in the world of sports and entertainment
  • Has unique patented technologies and great experience installing signage projects worldwide at large sports venues
  • Has worked the past 8 years with FIFA and handled the LED installation for the World Cup in 2010 and the Club World Cup 2011 in Japan
  • Our key staff accumulates more than 20 years of experience in working with large sports venues, TV broadcasting, logistics, technology engineering, technical services and has been involved in some of the biggest projects involving LED worldwide.
  • Understands the market needs from all angles of a sports event
  • Our technology is of the absolute highest quality and is approved by both FIFA and UEFA for their high-profile events
  • The TGI technology is created with high product reliability in mind to ensure maximum uptime and exposure for our clients.

In addition to high image quality, simple logistics and extreme reliability our engineers have optimized all products in a way that they also come at very affordable prices. We produce in house design and patented technologies that have been key to optimizing quality and cost reduction.

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