TGI has developed a suite of hardware and software platforms that drive incremental revenue to venues. The digital flexibility these assets provide allows rights holders to build new digital rights and drive engaging fan interactions.

Requiring a piece of TGI technology means partnering with one of the world‘s market leaders for Digital Sports Applications. In partnership with rights holders, we keep pushing the boundaries of digital display and communication solutions in stadia and beyond since 1997.

When FIFA transitioned from rotating signage to LED perimeter systems in 2009 and 2010 for the Confederations Cup and World Cup in South Africa, we managed this process.

We are currently in our third consecutive three-year contract with UEFA for managing and operating over 150 games in the UEFA Champions League per year.

In 2017, we delivered the largest LED perimeter project ever, bringing to life 30 LED perimeter systems at the first French Rugby Leagues’ stadiums within two months and we have operated them since.

Where everyone says they can do it, we have done it. Since 1997.

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